Monday, November 21, 2005

Biden Lies Again

I just heard a sound clip from Biden:
  • They said Iraq had reconstituted its nuclear weapons; at that same time I said it had not
  • They said and implied the threat was imminent; I never said that
  • There was no "real or even serious link" (sic) between Saddam and al Qaeda
Oy vey. "Reconstituted weapons" - this comes from an interview in which Cheney kept talking about Saddam having reconstituted his nuclear weapons development program; at one point, he left out the words "development program". Impeach him!

Imminent threat? Please. The President explicitly said that the threat was not imminent, but that we couldn't wait for it to become imminent.

And yes, Senator, there was a confirmed relationship between them, even if no piece of paper was found with Saddam's and Osama's signatures on it. Even the now-discredited Commission agreed with that; all they said was that there was no evidence they'd worked together on that specific attack. And there isn't — even if Atta did go to Prague to meet an Iraqi intelligence officer, they might have been talking about some other attack that never happened; at the time, Czech intelligence thought they were planning an attack in Prague, and for all we know that may still be the case.


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