Friday, July 14, 2006


From a mailing list I'm on:
Across from my backyard we see the PA Arab town of Nahalin a couple of hundred meters from our backyard and they've been celebrating and shooting off fireworks all afternoon and evening and generally celebrating.
UPDATE: This is not an isolated incident, It's happening all over. Joe Settler, westbankmama, and Yaakov all report the same thing. In 1991, when the Arabs danced on their roofs as Saddam fired his SCUDs at Israel, few people were on the internet, and it was quickly hushed up. When they celebrated on 11-Sep-2001, the PC crowd tried to claim that it was a tiny minority being blown out of proportion by the media. This time, there are blogs to record this, for future reference. This is how it always is: Jews die, Arabs celebrate.


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