Monday, January 31, 2005

MSM exports worst elements of US democracy to Iraq

The main-stream media has brought the two worst aspects from our elections to Iraq ... the 2 p.m. exit poll and the right direction/wrong direction poll. When I awoke early Sunday morning, to learn that 52% of Iraqis think that Iraq is headed in the right direction, versus 38% that think it's in the wrong direction. What!?!?! They've had democracy for like 15 minutes and they already have this stupid thing?!?!?!

You'll remember this poll from the fall because Juan Williams tried to get hitched to it. It was rammed down our throats over and over again because, for the longest time, it was the only poll that reflected well on Kerry (or at least sufficiently poor on Bush). What a ridiculous question indicative of absolutely nothing, and sure enough Bush won despite the fact that a majority of people felt the country was heading in the wrong direction. My word!!

Now comes further proof that this question is beyond absurd. A country is moving towards a liberal democracy from a murderous totalitarian dictatorship and we are supposed to believe that the slimest of majorities think that it's heading in the right direction. Moreover we're left to conclude that 38% think it's a downgrade from Saddam. Enough! It's a stupid question. Ask them their favorite f**king color!!

It's stupid for a number of reasons, but I'll stick to the arbitrary measuring stick it utilizes. Right direction/wrong direction ... from when? Yesterday, last month, 2 years ago, 1948?? Moreover, even if measured from a consistent point, the "wrong direction" answer doesn't mean the respondent would pursue the opposite course of action, vote for the other guy, etc, etc. And the "right direction" doesn't preclude a still better course of action. [Head slamming against wall in frustration]

Next, I learn that 72% of Iraqis voted. Amazing!! Today, I learn it's more like 60-some percent and dropping fast. What was the source of the 72% figure? I shit you not, a 2 p.m. local time exit poll!!!!! Listen up Iraq, don't let you media grow up to be CNN, MSNBC and network television.

And Washington State and the Ukraine, I think you all should try out the purple-finger, paper-ballet, id-checking version of democracy .


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