Thursday, January 20, 2005

Oh, the fingers!

Tom Paine, over at Silent Running, is in full lyrical flight:
There are a few hysterical right-wing neo-conservative zionist extremist Islamophobes who would have us believe that there is some sort of sinister Muslim political agenda to extend their own influence at the expense of others, and especially Jews. Such people no doubt furtively read blogs like Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch, and pass dog-eared copies of "1985" by Anthony Burgess to one another when they meet in the street. What nonsense. What tosh. What ridiculous paranoia.
I day dreamed even that on the Day of Judgement that Allah may look kindly upon me and if I were sent to hell for my many crimes, at least he may spare my fingers the heat of hell, for this days work in His Jihad.
Read the whole thing.
UPDATE: He forgot "likudnik".


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