Tuesday, January 11, 2005

We could have made millions!!

I'm pretty sure this is real and not a hoax:

If it's not, we should run (not walk) to the patent office. My only regret: I didn't think of it first.

UPDATE: Wait a minute! You're telling me that there is already a competitive product with a dominant market share called a ... let me check the spelling on this ... remote control???

UPDATE: But that product still has an element of human error, where as the FoxBlocker is full-proof. And the children, someone please think of the children! Just imagine parents catching their kids secretly watching (gasp) FoxNews. It's just so awful ... huh, what's that, oh they already make a V-Chip for the TVs and Parental Controls for the set-top boxes. Still, is there such a thing as too safe?

Big time hat-tip: Tim Blair!!


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