Thursday, January 26, 2006

More Munich

An actual Mossad agent responds.
European intelligence agencies, angry at their own governments' temerity in the face of Arab intimidation, generally looked the other way when a Palestinian terrorist was eliminated on their soil [...]
I know of no case in which a Mossad operative had a crisis of conscience about these operations, which were understood to have the clear and immediate purpose of saving innocent lives. When I inquired, at an early stage, as to the nature of the quasi-judicial mechanism invoked back in Tel Aviv to determine the guilt of targets for assassination, I received a clear and convincing response. Needless to say, targets were determined and located through an extensive intelligence-gathering operation by Israelis, and not in the dubious way depicted in the film [...]
During the 1970s, none of us had qualms about "moral equivalency", an issue debated by the Israeli characters in Munich. Palestinian terrorists were killing innocent civilians; in response, Israel was targeting only terrorists and the terrorist infrastructure. When a single nonterrorist was killed by mistake [...], the entire operation was closed down.


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