Friday, December 03, 2004

If We're Going To Recount Anything...

I cannot believe the cronic case of denial that these moonbat losers have. Between threatening to leave the country, going to the therapist, demanding Ohio recounts only to discover something that the rest of us knew on Nov 3 (There AREN'T enough provisionals) and devising off-the-wall conspiricy theories, how do they have time for a job? Oh wait...

So in that spirit, I'm demanding a recount of the following.

There are only 8,579,550 people in New Jersey, so where did the other 91,420,450 fans come from? I smell a story here. Dan Rather's going to unvail some internal Island Records company memos proving the fraud. Keith Olbermann will quote statistics showing disproportionate fan reporting from counties typically favoring country and western music. DailyKos will go balistic when they learn about the unusually high Bon Jovi album sales reported from record stores that use green bar code readers (versus stores using the more common red bar code readers). And for GOD SAKES, these numbers are contradicted by Rolling Stone magazine's concert-going fan exit polls (at least the ones where leaked to the media when the shows where only half over).



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