Monday, January 31, 2005

Questioning the Patriotism of Others ...

... is disgusting, indefensible and completely wrong ... except for today. If you can't feel good about what happened in Iraq over the weekend, then you are not only unpatriotic, you're barely human. One word: Leave. You do not love democracy and you never will.

Even the N.Y. Times had this to say:
This page has not hesitated to criticize the Bush administration over its policies in Iraq, and we continue to have grave doubts about the overall direction of American strategy there. Yet today, along with other Americans, whether supporters or critics of the war, we rejoice in a heartening advance by the Iraqi people. For now at least, the multiple political failures that marked the run-up to the voting stand eclipsed by a remarkably successful election day.
Hat-tip RCP.


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