Thursday, January 26, 2006

Beds, and the people who lie in them

Dhimmi Carter wants the international community to continue to fund the new "Palestinian" government, directly or indirectly:
He added that if international law barred donor countries from directly funding a Hamas-led government than the US and the EU should bypass the Palestinian Authority and provide the "much-needed" money to the Palestinians via non-governmental channels such as UN agencies.

"Regardless of the government, I would hope that potential donors find alternative means to be generous to the Palestinian people [even] if the donor decides to bypass the Palestinian government completely," Carter said, stressing that his main concern was to avert the "suffering" of the Palestinian people, which he said could lead to a new cycle of violence.
Um, these would be the same people who just chose to be represented by Hamas, right? Why exactly should any decent person care to avert their suffering? This is not a helpless population being controlled against its will by a criminal minority. By electing criminals and terrorists to represent them, the people of the territories have established that they are themselves criminals and terrorists, and should be treated as such. They have made their beds; now they should be made to lie in them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mill, You are a zionist kosher pig!

Dear Mr Hamas, The 2 blue lines on the israeli flag are to show that we run the USA from sea to sea.
your friend Reb Yossi
Colorado rep of the ZOG

Thu Feb 02, 11:08:00 PM 2006  

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