Sunday, February 12, 2006

Amazon Recommendation

Amazon does this thing where it looks at what you have bought, and what others who bought the same things have also bought, and guesses what else you might like to buy. Sometimes the results are useful, and sometimes...

Here's a f'rinstance. Today Amazon sent me a friendly note, recommending this book, by W. Leon Smith and everyone's favourite crazy woman, Cindy Sheehan. Why on earth did Amazon think I'd be interested? Because "We've noticed that customers who have purchased You Can't Say That! : The Growing Threat to Civil Liberties from Antidiscrimination Laws, by David E. Bernstein, also purchased books by W. Leon Smith". Now I've never heard of this W. Leon Smith fellow, but if he's co-writing books with Mother Cindy, then I don't think I'm interested in anything else he's written either, even if the people who buy them are also discriminating enough to buy Bernstein's book.


Blogger C.M. Burns said...

Well, they're not always wrong. If you're interested in Mother Sheehan's tome, they recommend books by Kos AND Robert Fisk. Now don't tell me fans of Cindy won't like those.

Sun Feb 12, 10:52:00 AM 2006  

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