Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Tax Cuts Explained words of one syllable. Head over to The Right Scale, where David R. Kamerschen somebody explains the bloody obvious.

UPDATE: As Kang pointed out, the piece is misattributed. Snopes tracks it down as far as a letter in the Chicago Tribune on 4-Mar-01, by a Don Dodson of Fort Worth TX.

The Chicago Tribune version included no additional information about the item, however, not even an indication that the submitter claimed to be its author. Given that readers frequently send non-original items to newspapers as "letters" (an apocryphal item about President Clinton was published under at least four different names, for example), we're not quite ready to declare this mystery solved.


Blogger Kang said...

This joke has been all over the internet and been spammed to the whole world via email. But if you go to that professor's website, he clearly states that he is NOT the source of the joke.

Thu Dec 09, 02:54:00 PM 2004  

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