Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Wait, I've got it!

We greatly regret that the circumstance of the occupation has forced us to resort to so drastic a measure as to oblige Mr Adam to enjoy our hospitality. We desperately hope that the Great Satan will comply with our demands, so that we will feel able to leave Mr Adam's head on his neck. But in the meantime, he is our guest, and we are treating him with true Moslem compassion and hospitality. He lacks for nothing that we can provide. And out of consideration for his feelings and his right to privacy, we did not want to force him to pose for the traditional hostage photo. So we let a doll stand in for him, and staged a photo representing the photo we would have taken had we been infidel torturers such as reign at Abu Ghraib. Behold the mercy of Allah, and of those who submit to Him and to His holy Qur'an!

In other words, the photo is fake but accurate...


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