Thursday, February 10, 2005

Davos Story trying to get legs, trying to get legs...

Finally the Davos story is being (sort of) reported. Of course the blogs "over-reaction" is the driving force, not the actual slander of our troops by CNN's Eason Jordan. In the WSJ, Bret Stephens says he was there and "Mr. Jordan deserves some credit for retracting the substance of his remark, and some forgiveness for trying to weasel his way out of a bad situation of his own making." Huh?

Further, Mr. Stephens muses that "Whether [or not] CNN wants its news division led by a man who can't be trusted to sit on a panel and field softball questions is another matter." Ok, Bret scores points for that one! Don't fire him because of his defamatory innuendo towards U.S. soldiers, fire him because he can't even hide his liberal bias while fielding questions from his adoring, America-hating fans. Image the disastrous things that would come out of his mouth if he were being grilled by Ingraham or Hewitt. Priceless!!

Another newspaper article was spotted by Powerline. And it was discussed on FoxNews. And Scarbourgh commented on it. And Chris Dodd (one of the Davos attendees) is calling for Davos to release the tape!!

In case you haven't been heard about this story, and judging by the amount coverage in the MSM you haven't, here is a link to a blog devoted to the story:


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