Monday, February 14, 2005

The Eason-Jordan story, er, The salivating morons who make up the lynch mob prevail

We knew that if Eason quit, the big media would have to report the resignation. And the readers, for whom this news, would want to know why. So predictably, the big media (example #1 - the NY Times) has answered because those evil right-wing bloggers got him.

BUT, the readers are still going to want to know what got the this angry hoard of 'salivating morons' going in the first place. Eventually the media will have to layout the history of Jordan's slander against our military. And when they do, the readers will have another question for the big media that has no answer: Why did I find out about this only after the resignation?

Also, I still think he should have been fired for hiding Saddam's atrocities. Seriously, he goes live with unfounded accusations that our troops are committing assassination, but he has detailed accounts of Saddam's horrors that go intentionally unreported. And the Post, Journal and Timeses go out of their way to defend this conduct and blame the unwashed masses of the blogosphere. Shocking obtuseness by the elites. Me thinks it's 1789 all over again. Now, where did I put that guillotine.


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